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Less than a month ago, we started our campaign to build a community of like minded people to work together to increase awareness about beautiful trails. Thanks to the power of social media channels, in less than four weeks we have more than 60 twitter followers and about 120 facebook page fans.  We started building our community with our TMMBA peers and closed friends. Each of the friend was very excited to participate and promote 100s of beautiful trails in Northwest region. We also ran a facebook ad campaign for only four days. It was our first experience in running a social media ad campaign. In less than $20 our community got more than 30 new facebook fans from various age groups and neighborhoods. I feel that’s the best customer acquisition experience I have so far. More than 70% folks who reached to our page “Liked” it, that also shows the…

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Everest Update from Outside Magazine

Interesting link about the dangers on Everest this year as the snow pack is lighter then in recent memory (Global Warming??).  The rock slides occurring are causing a danger to the expeditions that are trying to make their accents this climbing season.  Great read if your an avid hiker / mountaineer. 

What will our NP’s look like in the future?

Outside Magazine contributed this article about a great book that discusses which of our Nations great National Parks are most endangered and what they will look like moving forward. Worth at least a read of the article. Discusses some very threatening situations even in our own back yard. 


Love Birds Take Note

I know its spring time out there and the birds are chirping and “love” is in the air.  Check out this Outside Magazine article about the PNW most romantic getaways. 

OR Sponsored Athlete Blogs about Hiking, Climbing and Skiing

Outdoor Research does it again by supply the gear to allow some pretty awesome adventures.  Check out this blog! Recent adventure to the Tetons show some amazing photos and an adventure most of us salivate for. Thanks OR, Thanks Andy Sherpa! I know what I’ll be dreaming of tonight!

Is your Urban or Community Forest Awesome?

The US Forest Service is sponsoring a photo competition for people to submit photos of their outdoor environment. Think you have the skills to capture the beauty of your local atmosphere?  Check it out.

Olympic National Park Dam Removal Blog

Found this blog today. Pretty interesting read about the Elwha River Dam removal in Olympic National Park.  Great for the Salmon fisheries.  Should add some pretty interesting  trails in the next few years as well.  

Careful hiking out there

Just to pass the word to our fellow hikers. Be careful out there, and report any suspicious activity.  

Another great trail review by TrailWIKI: Blewitt Pass

Yet another great review by TrailWiki:  Blewitt Pass Mines

Check it out here:

National Geographic Hits the National Parks Just Right

National Geographic Hits the National Parks Just Right

National Geographic does it again! Their blog does a great job of showing best photo’s, guide’s and trails for all the national parks.  It’s National Park Week!! Get out there and enjoy the beauty of our world!

Best part is all this information and pictures are  also bundled in mobile iPad and iPhone application. Now with your location enabled device you can access all the information comfortably on the place itself.

A view of Mount Rainier in the new iPad  application.